Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What these times mean to Soldiers

I have been getting a lot questions about what I think of Senator Obama's election to the Presidency. Rather than answer the question directly, I'll tell you a story of what I did as the election results unfolded. Since we're deployed to AFG, everyone was focused on the one television we have in the CP. As it became apparent very early on that it would be Obama's night we found ourselves watching McCain's gracious speech and the crowd around the TV grew.

In between his concession speech and Obama's acceptance speech, I pulled my team together for our mission brief, then we moved back in order to see the throngs in Chicago to watch Obama announce his victory. Just after his well paraphrased line of "200 years later, Government of the people, by the people and fore the people has not perished from the Earth" I had to move to the aircraft in order to execute an Air Assault into a little village named Barge Metal. So, as the nation began perhaps its most significant transition of power in a generation, I went about my job as if nothing had happened. That's what's most American about this whole thing.

No matter what my political views are, I am excited about this election. I'm excited to see the country excited. What a great thrill it was to see hundreds of thousands gather to watch Obama in Chicago. I have not seen that in my life time! My greatest hope is that Obama will be able to leverage the involvement and excitement of my age group and those even younger into real action. I have always held that I'd rather have my candidate loose an election in which 90% of voters turned out than to win in one where 30% voted. I think Senator Obama's election is good for our country. It is good for democracy.

As far as my job goes, though, my oath is to the Constitution. That hasn't changed!

Back in the game

Well, it only took me 9 months! But, I finally checked if I could get on blogspot from my work computer after checking out my brother, Jake's blog: soldierblogging.blogspot.com. Check it out. It's about the role that new technologies are playing in the Soldier's experience in the Global War on Terror. I guess the Army has made some progress because in March when I started this (on an MWR) computer, I couldn't keep it up on my work computer (where I spend 100% of my on-line time). I've poked around other Soldier's blogs and they range from outlets for rants to benign descriptions of daily events for family and friends to read. My hope is that this blog will find a balance of personal experience and worthwhile thought. You be the judge!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here's My Family

Well, here they are... the joys of my life. Emma and Katie. Katie and I have been married for four years (though together only about 2.5 of those years thanks to uncle sam). Emma's our two year old. Forgive the Packers uniform. Somehow I married a girl from Kansas City who cheers for the Packers and Red Sox. Though she denies it, I think her whole fascination with the Green and Gold surrounds #4. We'll have to see if she holds true after his retirement. Just got done with 18 days of R&R spending every waking moment with them... can't beat that. More to follow when I get settled with pictures from leave.

Getting Started

Ok, so I'm a couple years late on this... don't be too hard on me, I'm a history major after all. Still, I'm in the middle of Thomas Friedman's book The World is Flat and it dawned on me that I was still in the stubby-pencil/legal pad phase of things, so I better get caught up fast.

This blog is just to check if I can actually post and view these things (baby-steps)... more to follow